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What is Healing Energy

To me, healing energy (light) is God's universal loving energy. It is the most purest, whitest, loving light in which we can be used, as the vessel or channel to send it in a more direct way to individuals or places on earth, using our visual senses or our mental power as in prayer. 

When you are just starting out and learning how to be the vessel and call upon this healing energy, be careful not to "push the energy" down and through you to the object of your healing. Instead, open up your heart and mind, and allow this healing energy to flow through you. A way to picture this is to picture the healing energy flowing down, through the crown of your head and out through your heart and / or hands. Be careful you are not using "your energy" or think that it is your energy, otherwise you will deplete and drain yourself, sometimes to the point of being exhausted or taking on others pain (sometimes this happens with people who are new to recognizing they are empath's who are moving into the healing arts. 

How You Can Send Healing Energy - Visually 

Begin by sitting comfortably in a quite place with your legs crossed (Indiana style), your hand's resting comfortably on top of your knees with your palm's facing up, touching your first finger to your thumb and eye's closed. (Put a picture of myself in the position – here). 

When I am in this position I can feel the energy begin to flow, even before I have done anything else. You may not feel it right away, and that's okay, just know that it is happening. When you get more used to calling and directly the energy, you can do it anywhere, anytime, even with allot of things going on around you. 

Now we set our intention. I begin by saying "Divine Light, of the Highest Order, under the protection of Archangel Michael". 

Let me break that down. "Divine Light" is God, "of the Highest Order" is God's pure white healing light, "under the protection of Archangel Michael" who will guide you and protect you from all negativity. In other words, you are surrounded and directing God's healing light while being protected from negative energy. 

Or you can make up your own intention, as long as you inviting the highest and purest light (god's healing energy) to come to you and through you. 

Picture this pure white healing light swirling around the person or place starting from the bottom, swirling around the person or place in a counter-clockwise motion all the way up to the top. I picture this happening three times. 

Thank god for this healing, and you are done. 

I used to get confirmations afterwards about how people felt. Almost always, they felt an immediate peace come over them, or calming, energizing feeling. 

This healing energy can help the person, spiritually, mentally, or physically, it is not for you to know or decide, it is just for you to do, and let go of the outcome. 

How You Can Use Healing Energy in a Mental Prayer 

To send healing energy in a mental prayer, you can recite: May God's loving and purest healing light be sent to (person or place) to help (person or place) in need. May this healing light shine brightly and help (person or place), to come out of the darkness and be healed. Amen. 

How I Began Using Healing Energy and Where it Has Evolved to Now 

I have been sending healing energy for quite some time now. I have been doing it so long that I can sending healing energy while driving, walking, talking, typing, and I send healing energy several times a day, to people I know and people I do not know. 

It all started several years ago, when I learned to do hands-on-healing, and then after reading Rosemary Altea's book on Gift of Healing". A friend gave me a little ditty on a piece of paper, the one I used above about "divine light of the highest order under the protection of archangel Michael". At the time I had no idea about it. What was divine light, what was the highest order, who is Archangel Michael, but use it I did. Practice makes habit, and habit makes come automatically. So now I am automatically sending healing energy every day several times a day. 

First I would send it to my dearest friends who were upset, and they would report back to me how much better they felt. Once I used it on my husband in the middle of a heated argument, right there while he was spewing, I pictured the white light and said my little ditty, I was utterly amazed at what happened next. He stopped, stopped right in the middle of what he was saying and walked away. I really had to laugh at that, well I don't know if I laughed out loud, but I had a good chuckle on the inside. You should try it next time you are in an argument or disagreement with someone, it's totally disarming and quite funny to watch them suddenly give up and leave the argument on the table as they would say. 

During my daily routine, most times in the morning to start my day I say a prayer of peace for the world, and then I mentally call together a core group of people I know personally. I picture them all gathered together and I send them the healing energy all at once. I can see the white light going around them individually as they all stand together. Then throughout the day I may send healing light to someone I see walking who is homeless, or has a disability, or someone I have to deal with at the store or on the phone, who may not be so polite, or giving me a hard time about something, and especially to someone I may not be in harmony with. 

In sending healing energy, I have come to realize, that everyone needs a little lift of light and hope, not everyone can get out of the darkness on their own, and by sending this healing light, God can help them lift themselves up a little higher to touch God's hand and feel his love. 

Recommended Reading: Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Brennen 

This book is a scientist's look at the field of bioenergetic healing, offering specific techniques towards expanding perceptual tools of healing, seeing auras, understanding psychodynamics and the human energy field, and spiritual healing. Trained as a physicist and psychotherapist, Brennan has spent the last 15 years studying the human energy field and working as a healer. Hands of Light goes beyond conventional, objective knowledge while retaining scientific clarity. It details a study of the human energy field and how it is intimately connected to a person's health and well being and contains essential information for anyone involved in healing and conscious health care, including people seeking to heal themselves. Science and spirituality may currently be at odds, but fortunately there will always be scientists who are spiritual seekers, and it is in the mingling of the two worlds where wisdom is born. --Jodie Buller 

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